Meme Monday 5/13

ditto meme

Another meme without any alliteration Monday.   Can y’all stand the agony??      Trust me, it hurts me more than it does you.    When I was growing up, someone always said that before disciplining me.     I never believed it.      No one was whipping his butt!

Anyway, on to the funnies:

birds, flowers meme

Easter bunny meme.   Sensing a theme here??      Yup, way past their prime time memes!!

no pockets meme

Yeah!!    I wanna know too!     For a friend.

ugly memedoggy eyebrows meme Bwahahaha

striped dog memeone toy meme

divorce lyre meme.    As a musician, I find this hysterical!!

(I played the flute.    Note the “played”!!   I miss it, but ya know, band directors insist on you having enough breath to produce a sound.   Harsh dictators!!)

ditto meme

discipline you meme

Uh huh!!

dime is dollar memerun fast meme

3 memes for the “Let’s keep up with what month it is, Melinda” contest!



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