Nail (k)Nack

my left nails

So funny!     Before I started writing this morning, I watched a Deslob Student video.          Just guess the subject??       Doing her nails!         I think it’s hilarious that we were on the same wavelength!

Here’s her link, if you like me, you’ll like her too!

Crystal, take it away!

Ok, here’s mine.    Not as exciting!!

I was so proud of myself, that my nails have grown out, and they’re still long.                        Long for me!

my left nailsright nails

Trust me, these are long!     For me!!      Very proud of my self, as I already stated.                When you’re proud of yourself, never too many times to say so!

And pray tell, what happened right after I took these pix??     Well, I picked them/ bit them right back down to the quick.     I don’t bite them till they bleed anymore.    (Usually.)        So, that’s good!

When I was young and still bendy, I bit my fingernails, and my toe nails too.     I know- GROSS!

My Dad tried everything to stop me.     Painting them, nope.   Just chewed off the polish, and kept going.`  Hot sauce??     Nope.     Teared up, drank lots of water, and kept going.

I was 1 stubborn kid!!

short nails    Not that I’m any less stubborn now!!

I just don’t punish myself anymore!!     (Not physically, nooooo, I let my anxiety and depression do that for me.)

Wonder when I’ll get around to making ’em purdy like Crystal’s??       We’ll have to just wait and see!



  1. Hi Melinda! Great post and video – I agree with you, I could SO do those nail stickers. STOP BITING YOUR NAILS YOU NAUGHTY GIRL! 😂 You got them to a good length and then ATE THEM? Get some apples instead, much nicer. Crystal seems like a nice person – hope she does well.

  2. I don’t consider myself a slob for not painting my fingernails or going without makeup. Why waste the money/time/resources on those things??

    My students frequently ask me my age, I hem and haw that I’m old enough to be their grandmother. Their responses are hilarious but usually mention their grandmother’s age (much younger than me) and how I must be younger than her.

    “Slobs” look younger and have more time for other things than those who use makeup and nailpolish!!

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