Quick Q-tip

nasty q-tip, toothbrush

This is about packing when we moved to Peaceful, from Joy House.     And what strange things I pack!

We didn’t pack up in a hurry, so I can not explain this.    All I can do is show you, and remind you of my name!!

Okay, ready??     Ya might think so!

nasty q-tip, toothbrush

Were you really ready for that??

I packed a dirty toothbrush, and an USED q-tip!!        Whatever possessed me??

I can’t even!       

I can’t justify something like that, much less think of a good reason!

Oh well, shake my head at myself, and move on!!

And pray it doesn’t happen again!

Aww, c’mon!     Ya know we’re gonna move again!!      I hate Tinker Belle Town too much to stay here after our lease is up!



  1. hahaha when we unpacked boxes from the great flood, the packers picked up a wad of dust bunnies. Maybe they were trying to send a message??? More likely, those dear bunnies were stuck to something else and in moving the boxes from here to storage and back again, they settled on the bottom of the box.

    So I’m going with it was stuck to something else and you didn’t see it. Think positively!!

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