Scoot Scootin

red scooter

Well, I don’t think I told you this yet, I sold my scooter.    After we got rid of Lewis, the truck, we didn’t have any way to transport it in the KIA. Yes, it comes apart,

scooter, no seat.     but have you ever seen the “trunk” space in a KIA??   In name only!    😉          Really not much there, unless you fold down the back seats, and that would kinda interfere with the girls’ presence!

I’m walking a lot better now, since my toe surgery.       It had served it’s purpose.

Plus, it was just sitting on the carport, in the way, at Peaceful.  Then when we moved to Tinkerbelle Town, it was in the storage unit.   After a month, I said we gotta get rid of the storage unit!   Too much wasted money!  Everything that doesn’t fit in the apt, gotta go!

The scooter sat in front of DH’s desk for 3 days, before it sold.     Never so glad, to get a big item out of the house, in my life!!

red scooter

Bye bye, red scooter!    You were a great one!!     And I enjoyed you, when I was using you!



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