Spammily Speaking

delete spam button

Oh, those spam comments!!   

delete spam button.     I really wish this was on my keyboard!!

Do they drive you crazy too??        I know it can’t be just me!    I was thinking of writing a post composed entirely of the spam. 

cans of spam

And then I got nervous that I would put a(nother) virus on my computer.  

Willow mentioned once how some sound so funny, even eery.    So, I started reading some of them.    Besides the s*x ones, excluding the “buy this med” ones.      Some of the rest are funny!    But so many of them are repetitive.    

Get another line, robot!!      You’ve wore that one out!         I don’t care that “Your cousin’s princess enjoyed doing her research on this topic”!

Or that you want to just give me “a small note of thanks for delivering you from just this dilemma!”

What say you??

(I marked “people”, than started wondering if robots can be considered people??   Data was a people! – Star Trek Next Gen)


  1. That’s so funny you mention me because I got one the other that was (I kid you not) four pages long when I copied and pasted it into Word. I was curious… 🙂 It was complete and utter nonsense, and I had no idea what it was even trying to be about, but yeah… weird.

    I’m glad you’re finding funnies in your spam. Other than the “s3xy ladies in your city!” and “make money with bitcoin!” I haven’t been getting many more interesting ones lately.

    I don’t post the spam I get directly in my blog. I just take a screenshot of them before deleting them, You can then paste the screenshot into Paint (which comes with Windows and is under “windows accessories”) and use Paint to crop and hide the stuff I don’t want to show to the world. Hope that helps for when you want to show some of the weirder ones off.

    1. Willow, that is funny!! 4 pages long?? Whoa! Yeah, I didn’t think posting it directly would be a good idea, once I thought a second time!
      Thanks for the tutorial! Do you get the ones about how boring and repetitive your posts have become lately??? LOL

      1. The spam doesn’t say that my post are boring, but they do say “you have a lot of repeats” which is a lie, because there are no repeats on my blog. That spam is just a bot. I ignore it.

  2. When I was younger, I used to eat Spam sandwiches. Of course, there were no flavor options, then and my dad called it Sh!t On A Shingle because that’s all they ate in the military.
    I’d be surprised if Homeless People eat that crap, now!

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