Talk Table Talk

thread trash

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Today we’re gonna talk table talk.   (I love it when post names just flow!)

Bedside tables, particularly.    Well, it’s more of a bedside bin, than a table.     But since I’m using it at my bedside, I proclaim it as a table.    And poof!     It’s a table!

Anyway….   All that to say, it is a  mess.

left bedsidebeside bed

See??    Realllllly big! mess!

Okay, to start the excavation:

thread trash.       Nope, that’s not really where I started, but it was such a mess, I can’t remember!     My brain has blocked out the trauma!

family CDs

The Family Cds I packed in my purple suitcase, with all my fabric.   Minus the threads I already disposed of!

The ointment was expired.  Of course!  Why wouldn’t it be??     After all, who would look for it in all this mess???

donate pile

Then I pulled out the donate pile.     Every little bit helps such a horrible mess!

trash. Time to bag up the actual trash.     As opposed to??

I’m ignoring you!!

Then the paperwork got separated.      separated paperwork

All the patterns were packed away with the fabric.

Then, the floor to the far left was clear!        floor to left , clean

But alas!    The bin with the wreath, and the baby cards went untouched.

tub still full

Somethings I just don’t know what to do with!     Having the desk commit suicide in despair from moving again, severely limited my options for storing cards, envelopes, etc.     So, sadly, there they lay in open view of all passerbys.

Sorry!   No more afters today!    I was so exhausted after all that work,  who had energy to expend on photography??

Just know that the oatmeal bowl, was indeed returned to the kitchen, forthwith!



  1. Good job on getting things done. 🙂
    I’m still reading your stuff, but I still have to read it through my RSS reader, so I don’t get to comment as often as i want to. I just wanted to comment to let you know that I read your posts whenever you post them. I still have to sign in to comment. :-/
    Gotta love technology, right? It’s great when it works, and frustrating when it doesn’t. Though I suppose one could say that about anything. 🙂

  2. I keep thinking that you have to visit me one day and help me excavate my husband’s home office (formerly our son’s room). I promise to feed you the most delicious purple food you imagine!

    1. So true! Thanks for the reminder, Kristy. What is aggravating tho, is when I do little bits, then the same little bits have to be redone in 6 months! That’s why housework is a trap! lol

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