Moldy Mildew

more mildew

Do you remember the water bottle that I got from my Dr’s office??                          I’ll try to go see if I can find a pic of it.      It was clear, with the name, Dedicated, and logo of my Dr’s office on it.    (Maybe I never talked about it, but it was by my side, 24/7!!)

Ah!     Here it is.      I saved it as the pic on my phone.

(Drats!       That type file not allowed.           Whatever!       DD1 could figure it out for me, but I ain’t fixin to get my head bit off for waking her up at midnight to ask that!!

(Anyways….   back to the regularly scheduled post.)

After a while, I began to notice a problem.    A BIG problem.

I couldn’t clean the spout!     I tried everything I knew, but nope, nothing doing.

mildewed spoutmore mildew


After noticing, and not being able to clean it, it had to go!!       Bye, bye staph, and salmonella!        And who knows what else??

I sure do miss it tho.     It was the perfect size.     It closed completely.

Please pause for a moment of silence with me.     I never named it, but I loved it!

Aha!   Posthumously, I dub thee my Dedicated bottle!

(One more check mark on my 2019 in 2019 tally sheet!)



  1. That happens a lot in those kinds of bottles. You might could have soaked it in bleach for a minute, but it’s probably better that you threw it out.

  2. Wow – lucky escape from tiny bugs with big ideas I’m sure! Just watched a TV ‘Queen of Clean’ personality telling people off for not having their toothbrushes covered up in the bathroom. She said that when you flush the toilet, tiny particles of poo (hope you aren’t eating dinner!) get sprayed into the atmosphere and land on you toothbrush. Say what?!!!!!!!! Who flushes with the lid up anyway? Men probably – lid AND seat! 🙂 Anyway, she had some kind of digital bacteria detector that she test surfaces with. Sterile has a reading of less than 50. The toothbrush she checked was 350! Oh yuk! This is why I avoid watching TV as much as possibe. But I’m now keep my toothbrush in a glass with baby bottle sterilzing solution in.

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