Ora’s Orchid

orchid desk

What I really wanted to name this one; The Rise and Fall of the Orchid.   But, since alliteration reigns supreme, no way.

Gotta stick to my brand, yo!!

I got all excited cuz I got a gorgeous orchid for my bathroom.

bought orchid

Yeah, I shouda edited that pic some!

orchid desk   Trying it out on my desk.      Nah, not the same impact as:

orchid in bath

There it is!!

Then things started going downhill….

First the leaves turned yella one by one, and fell off.


orchid drooping

1 blossom, and 1 flower already gone.

And yes!!  I did water it!!   Just a little at a time.  Apparently she doesn’t like her “feet” wet.    ????

I tried, I really did!

orchid almost dead

Sad, last pic before death…..

I’m calling it.         Time of death:   8 pm.

dead orchid

I’ll never forget you!!

(Another alternate title: Another Thing Purges Itself.)


  1. Orchids are really hard to keep alive. I hear there’s a trick to it. Someone said to use an ice cube? Just one, once a week? or something? I dunno. If you haven’t thrown your orchid away yet, you might could save it yet.

    1. Really? I didn’t think they could survive once the leaves were gone. And c’mon, willow, you know me- do you really think I’ve actually thrown it away yet?? Nope! Apparently a dead flower stem is better than none to me! lol

  2. I’ve heard that orchids either love their new place or hate it – guess yours didn’t like the bathroom! Can’t say I blame it – who would want to hang out there all day?

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