Summer Snip

front haircut

I’ve been waiting forever!!  (It seems like) for my summer haircut.    Now that the summer is half over, I finally got it!

Wait, what??    June 21 was the first day of summer???      Where do you live?      Here in FL it was like back in March!

Ok, so I’ve just been informed that I got my haircut 2 days before summer even started.    Thanks, DD1!!

I’ve been complaining LOUDLY about how long my hair has gotten.    I can’t stand it all in my ears!!      And when it blows in my face, I just want to scream!!

So, the other day, I asked DD1 to buzz it for me.      Then, of course, we couldn’t find the clippers.     So she went and got her official hair cutting shears, and proceeded.      As she was doing the back, I felt a quick sting, then liquid flowing down my neck…

“Hey!    Did you just cut me??”

“I’m so sorry Mama!”

“Am I bleeding??”

“Oh no….. Well, maybe just a little.”     As I feel her wiping away the “not there” blood.

hair snip

The red mark in the middle is my strawberry birthmark.          (I’m assuming every baby in Plant City is born with one.            All my family have them, except DD2.   She was born in Pensacola.      Sorry, honey!)

The huge gaping wound on the right side is where agony occurred.

I told her not to worry.  “It’s only a flesh wound, I’ll walk it off.”

Then I went in my room and cried.       That sucker hurt!

Here’s how the rest of the boring part went…

right side hair cutleft side haircut

front haircut

Some people (mainly DH & Mama) are really upset about the shaved part.    Sorry!    My comfort trumps you!

Thanks for everything, but the pain sweetie!



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