Tinkerbelle Town Toilet Trouble

bare hinge

I haven’t told ya the tale of my toilet troubles yet!

Well, I obviously have told ya of my toilet troubles many times.

Plundering Plumber

Sarah Seat

Lots more….

All those times were toilet errors.   

But not this one.   First time for everything!

This one was all operator error!


Ok, it’s like this:

When I’m seated, I twist my body.      Plastic is not suited for that movement.


toilet seat off     I almost hit the floor on my knees!      Thankfully, that marble lip was just high enough to catch myself on!

bare hingehinge assembly

Notice anything different between those 2 pix??        Yeah, the missing piece in the left photo went down the toilet, and caused many more problems.     But those are unimportant now.

Quite an adventure!!        But not a fun one!!

Solution to this problem??Big John seat

What is that???         Here, let me show you:

Big john seat installed.    May I present to you: Big John!!

He’s bigger, and wider than those wimpy seats!          And he takes care of my problem!!

Only 79.95!!

But wait, if you order one today, we’ll include two!!        (I only wish!!)

I’m so in love with Big John!!!      He’s the only toilet seat I will ever need again!



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