Desk Dunk


Remember when I said I needed to do my desk again, so I could find my 2019 in 2019 score sheet?    Well, I decided to tackle the mountain o’ mess on July 15.

Before pix:

deskright desk

74 pieces of paper to be recycled!!   I knew it was messy, but good grief!!

I didn’t realize it was that bad!

(It was, tho.)

So, that took a while, to unearth ALL the paper.      Then look at it, to make sure it’s not important, then rip, and add to the pile.     Get this- then I actually got up and put it all in the recycle bin!      It sounded like a ton of bricks almost!

So proud of me!      I’m doing it, inch by inch!!       (It’s not a cinch tho.     Whoever wrote that piece of piffle lied!!)

See how pretty??

left side cleanright side clean

Please ignore all the clean clothes to the right, on my “nightstand”.          I can’t do everything all at once you know!!



  1. I feel ya. We just went through a pile of paperwork ourselves. Like stuff we unearthed from 2015! Another bagful of paperwork gone through the shredder. But we’re packing and purging in preparation for our move, so a lot of stuff is going out of the house. Right now, there are bags and bags of books and CDs just waiting to go to the library for their upcoming book sale.

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