Flora & Fauna


This is the view from our back door.     All deck and tree trunk.       I think the trunk is gorgeous, because it belongs to a Grandfather oak tree.       Also because squirrels play on it!

back door treeback steps

Even though technically, I think it’s supposed to be our front door: since it opens into our living room.     Oh, well, no one ever uses it, so we call it the back door.

Oh yeah, the squirrel I mentioned.

squirrel  It’s not a very good shot, being thru my window, and screen, but best I can do!

It just sat there eating it’s nut, looking side eye at me.     If you’ve never seen a squirrel eating a nut, you really should!      It’s so cute!

I love sitting in the recliner, just looking out the window, enjoying the flora and fauna!



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