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kitchen skylight

Ok, hold your breath, here we go….  Yep, we did it!        We moved again!

BUT!!    It is back home!      Plant City!!       And it’s 3/2, so we have all our own spaces.      The girls finally have a room of their own again, after a year without.

We told the selling agent, find us a good one, cuz this is our final house, till we die!      lol                        Now, the race is on, to see who dies first, me or DH!       JK       But we are serious  that this is our forever home!

It’s a mobile home, but that doesn’t bother us.      It’s 16 ‘ wide, so it feels almost like a double wide!


Here’s the living room:      new living room       I LOVE the cathedral ceilings!

Kitchen:  kitchenright kitchen

There’s a skylight in the kitchen!!            kitchen skylight      Never have I ever seen a skylight in a mobile home before!

I love it so much!      I thank God every day for our new home!!     And that we’re back home!!

I’ll be posting more later.  But now you know the rest of the story!



  1. Again? Maybe you should just get an extra large motorhome
    That’s what people recommended to me thinking I move a lot.
    Truthfully, I don’t want to retire where i am paying Space Rent.
    Congrats though. I pray it works out for you. Looking forward to seeing more. And learning the name of this house.

    1. Yes, again. haha I hate to travel and I get carsick, so that’d be a no. Thanks for the suggestion, tho!
      Since we’re home, and it’s not too big, or too little, I really think this one is it! We do need to name it, tho.

    1. Haha! Stamina?? No, this time was desperation!! I had to get back home before my depression swallowed me completely. But no more!! This one is it!! Thank you, sweet friend Dolly.

  2. AGAIN?? You must have many wandering genes! I can’t imagine moving, let alone as often as you have recently.

    The place looks wonderful! I can’t wait to find out its name!!

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