Low Flow Toilets

low flow toilet

Just so you know, low flow toilets are from satan himself.

Who designed these things?  At first I was all like , “YAY!!   A lower water bill!!”

Who wouldn’t want that??

Sure, lower if you only flush it once per visit!

How about if you have to flush it again?  And again??    My highest number was 5 times.    No savings there!

And the design is all wrong!  The slope from the seat to the bottom back is way too shallow.

low flow toilet
Can you even see the tiny bit of water in there??

So then, combine that and the “have to flush multiple times” problem- what do you have??

Trouble with a capital “T” is what!

Me cleaning the toilet bowl every day is what!

And you know me- cleaning the toilet every day is unacceptable!!   Now we gotta move again- to get back to some regular flow toilets! 

Don’t push me, I might just do it!!

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