Screen Scrounge Scrunched Scrummage

books on table

And yes, since you’re wondering, scrummage IS an actual word!

Here are the befores for today:

far leftmiddle messon box

Yes, these are the afters from: Screen Scrounge Scrunched.    Good eye!

We worked about 90 more minutes July 13.     90 minutes is about all I can stand in this heat!        Lots of water!!

We recycled a 13 gal can of stuff.

Trashed 30 items.

Repacked and stored 3 large boxes of DD1’s stuff into the girls’ room closet.

I need to mark all these on my 2019 decluttering calender!       (As soon as I find it again!!      Time for another go round of my desk!)

Here’s the reward for all our labor:

  benchmiddletruck box empty

The top of the truck box is all empty!!       Hurray!

3 more things on top of toy bench to get rid of.        (Why won’t closets expand like the Tardis?????)

Then, only half full laundry basket, and diaper box to go!

Oh yeah, plus the books on the table…

books on table     The pool shoes go in the girls’ room, duh, also the books.     One orange Bible will be donated, since they don’t need any more!     They already have a baby dedication Bible each, an orange Bible each, and PP has a “Fruit of the Spirit” Bible.      They’re good!    And the cough medicine was already put away in the cabinet.         The rest of it will be put away tomorrow…  Or maybe the next day…

Soon, I promise!!


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