Screen Scrounge Scrunched

middle mess

This is part two of Screen Scrounge.    (Maybe you inferred that from the title??)

First off, more pix of the mess:

left of blenderon boxother side

Same mess, different pix.     The last one is the right side of the porch that I didn’t show last time.      This is July 4th.

Okay, so you know all about the despair, and agony on me.        (Any old Yee Haw fans??)

DH and I got in there, and huffed, and puffed, and blew that mess down!   

Well, somewhat….        Knocked it down a peg or two, anyway!

We worked for approx. 90 minutes.

Here’s the accomplished list, which was accompanied by the neighbors celebrating our win with fireworks!!      I love this place!

Donation: Lego table to neighbors, and 24 other things.

lego table     The table was way too short for them, hardly ever used, and ALL the Legos had disappeared somehow.      Why, nooo!  WE didn’t sweep them up!     Why do you ask???

And that white cabinet, that I hoped to use as a medicine chest, was way too thick to inset in our wall, and no place to hang it otherwise.

Trash/Recycle: 80 items!!!    So exciting!!

Some afters to feast your eyes on!!

far leftmiddle mess

on box     So looks better, right??      At least 1 more time, fer sure out there.    (Realistically more than that….)

But more importantly- What am I gonna name the next installment??    Running outta SCR words here!

Oh, Webster, old buddy!!      Got a question for ya!



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