Screen Scrounge

messy porch

At our new forever home, we have a nice screen porch.        Yay for a bug free place to sit out on balmy nights!                 

This is the first porch decluttering go round that I documented.

messy porch
May 15, about 1 month after we moved in on April 23.

This was just how everything landed off the truck.        Welcome to my new home!   Well, close your eyes till after you get in the door, k?              Whoops!   Sorry you tripped and broke your leg!    We do have homeowner’s insurance, thankfully!      Next time keep your eyes open maybe, but just pretend you don’t see the mess, k?      Thanks a bunch!        

June 9th, Gotta tackle this mess!     It’s stressing me out!!

basket o'messboxes o' messhampers galore

left side of hampers.

Bonus: view of DH’s tummy!

Ya know how people always say clutter stresses you out, and causes depression?   Well, if I didn’t quite believe it before (I did!)  this porch would have convinced me.     You know, if you have a messy entryway, how depressing it is to have to constantly see it.    Every day, as you go in and out of your house.     Even after I got my living room (mostly) under control, this porch gave me anxiety.     All the rumors are true!      There is a definite link between clutter and depression, and anxiety.     Take it from me, PurpleSlob, who has a Lifetime of experience with the slobbery, it’s true.

Once you start tackling the mess, you’ll be so glad you did!


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