Balloon Ball


I kept teasing everyone that I needed to start blowing up balloons back in July.      I was serious!      (Kinda.)        I didn’t have an air compressor, and I knew blowing up by human air was gonna take        a huge long time!     (Not to mention, setting off my asthma!!)   I had 300 balloons!!

Thankfully, my cuz Jeanie cuz Jeanie and family rode to my rescue!     

cuz Jeanie's family   

They came all the way from Texas, just to help me out!      Tyler, Jesse in Jeanie’s lap, Dwayne standing, and Teyton in the Reds shirt.

And boy did they help!        Jeanie made flowers.      Jesse gathered them all up, and put in bags.        (Yes, you know the girls were in there too, helping!!)

We got almost 50 blown up while they were here!       Yessss!      (fist pump)

This was the Monday before the party.     And they were still good on Sat!

balloons    I was a little worried that they would all be deflated, but nope!

I love you Jeanie, and family!!      A big thanks!



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