Big Bedtime

boiled eggs

Hey, yeah, sorry I’ve been MIA this week!     Sis Michelle’s big 5-0 party Sat. night Wore.Me.Out!!

I got to bed around 11 pm Sat. and except for potty breaks, didn’t get up till sometime Sunday afternoon.  Then after food, back to bed until Monday morning, when DH fed me oatmeal in bed.

Yep, I’m that spoiled!!

Back to sleep until Tue. at noon.      So sad that fun whoops my tail!!        Well, not just the fun, preparing for, and setting up the fun!

I’ll show ya 1 thing I did Friday.

boiled eggsegg shells      So far, so good.     All normal.

(And yes, the girls helped!      And they did just as good a job as me!      Peeling eggs has never been a talent of mine.     Why do they always pull away egg chunks with the shell??)

Then, can you take a guess what happens next??

purple eggs

The reason they look so bad, dried out, is these are left overs.    I was all in party mode when I got ’em done, and forgot to take pix.    You know me!

They might look funny to you, but we enjoyed ’em!!       And Michelle thought they were the bomb diggity!   

I love that girl!    <3



  1. Ah, so that’s what the party was – Big Happy 50’s to your sister, dear purple person! Kudos to you and family for going all out and working your tails off to make it grand!
    To peel eggs without chinks sticking to shell: once eggs are cooked, drain hot water, cover eggs with ice, and let sit for a few minutes. Then gently crack the shells and drop eggs back into ice. Give it a few more minutes, and they’ll peel like a dream.
    I love your purple deviled eggs – adorable!

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