Curvy Cover

covering chair

Oh, oh!!   I haven’t shown you my (really!!) purple chair yet!

It’s DD1’s chair really, but so hideous!!      Not sure if I still have a pic of it’s true horror.      Think hole in the back, duct tape, red neck style.    I’m sure you get the pic, even tho you’re not getting the literal pic!      Lol, sorry!      Couldn’t resist!

Well, I did manage to find a full body pic of the “Hideous Chair.”

ugly chair

So, I went on Amazon, and found a purple, wing back chair cover.

And here is my sweet love, installing it!

covering chair     Yeah, you can see the duct tape.      Attractive, no?!?

We had quite the fight, finding the little tab that said “back”.     But eventually…

chair covered

Ain’t it pur-dy!!     Can’t wait till I can get ALL the chairs covered!!     I love it!!

DH using chair  Sorry it’s blurry!!    Tears in my eyes!



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