Purple Party

purple party supplies

All plans on deck!!    The purple party of the century headed your way!  Well, maybe of the half century!

Sis, Michelle, is gonna be the big 5-0 in August.     I’ve been planning her party for a year now.      No lie.     Since she no longer has Jeffery to throw her a party, it’s my pleasure to do it.      You KNOW how much I love parties!!

And birthdays are holidays, right??       I think we already established that once before.

The first things I bought were her plates, last September, while we lived at Peaceful.  

Then it was the balloons- 300 of them!!

purple party supplies

She thought I was kidding!     Balloons are her “thang”.

Ribbons and hanging wisteria vines, which I need to hang up now, to work out the kinks of being wrapped so tight.

Chinese boxes to hold spoons, forks, etc on the buffet.

A few tattoos, for some crazy fun, but only enough for her, and me!!      Okay, maybe her kids, Bro and Sister Shirley too.     I can’t imagine Mama wants one!!      (But she did surprise once before, and got a real one, so maybe so!)

And a few prizes.

Then the blinking balloon lights, but only 50. Now I’m wishing I got more, but too late to order more now.

Party picks- in purple!     I wasn’t sure if I’d find those or not!   (Ya know, those cocktail toothpix??    with the cellophane flags at the top??      Except these are all purple, and triangular!!     So cool!)

Then all the usual party stuff, purple tablecloths, eating utensils, napkins, all the boring stuff.

I’m sure you’ll hear more about it later.      In fact, I can promise!



    1. IKR?? Jenny, my sis in law said, “I told you I have a helium tank. It’ll do 40, or so.” I said, “Then what about the other 270??”” She had thought I was kidding when I said I had 300!

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