Stuffed Stockings!

clothes, sox

Oh my, we are overrun with socks in this house!!        Seriously overrun!

I was sorting clothes,  yes on the floor, where do you do it??

clothes, sox

Then, I started matching socks.

folded socksmore sox

We might have a wee bit of a problem here!!      I had over 20 pairs of sox, for EACH girl!!

unmATChED SOX    This is only PART of the left over pile, that are not matched!

After all that matching, I was left with… wait for it… 65 single socks!!

Apparently my hands and eyes were too tired to take a pic of all that!!       Such a pleasure to pitch them, and mark 65 more squares on my decluttering chart!!

My chart is getting stuffed!!       YAY!!



  1. You wear socks… in Florida? That’s where I gave up wearing socks. Too hot and humid to have knitted stuff on my feet. Yep, I wear shoes without socks. ^_^ But they’re light shoes.

    1. Lol, Willow!! I don’t! I only own 1 pr of shoes, and they are open Birkies. But the girls wear them with their tennis’. And they like wearing the lacy ones to church.

  2. haha I guess the lost sock genie has decided your new place is the perfect place for them. Jen must be jumping for joy since they are at your place and not hers!!

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