A-tisket, A-tasket

black hamper

A-tisket, A-tasket, a green and yellow basket.

Anybody remember that rhyme?

Misc. thought: we have too many laundry baskets!!     I want to get rid of the excess.      They just sit around and let clean clothes gather!       We have at least 7 that I can think of at the moment.     Since our bathrooms are too small for laundry hampers, and we only have 3 bedrooms, seems as if we could get rid of at least 4 or 5!      Don’t you think? 

black hamperwhite hamper

purple hamper  You knew I had to have a purple one, right??

teal basketwhite hampers   We have 2 more white ones, a short round, and a tall.


I even thought I’d taken a picture of all 4 white ones together, but of course, hunting thru my pix, can’t find it now.   Isn’t that always the way??

So, actually we have 8!

So, yeah, there’s a few that can be culled down!     NOT my purple one tho!!    You’ll draw back a nub!


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