Grumpy Guests

grumpy cat mask

As the unending tale of Michelle’s 600  month bd party unfolds….

Here are some of the guests:


Aww, you can’t tell who is behind the purple sparkles, there in the lower left hand corner??

me    It’s crazy me, of course!!

Nice background!!    I hadn’t even noticed till I cropped it!      Let me try again!


There we go!!

Ain’t she got pur-dy kids??


And as promised: LOTS of balloons!

Our Guest of Honor:

grumpy cat mask    Aahh, been way too long since we’ve seen you, Grumpy Cat!!     Hope you enjoy the party!

Grumpy Cat 2

Wait, what???    Grumpy CAT!!  My, your shirt has changed!

Michelle, We love you!!     And Grumpy Cat, we love you, no matter what shirt you’re wearing!!



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