Melinda’s Moldy, Mildewy Mess

right dirty

I wondered what CC had done with 2 full bottles of roll on DoTERRA essential oils.     Couldn’t figure it out.   

Then one day I noticed liquid under my plastic cover of my computer table.    Huh, oh well, must have spilled some water.

Week later I notice the “Water” is a mildewy, moldy mess.      Not Water!

Huh, the kids must have spilled some milk.    Oh well, doesn’t really stink, (yet!) just leave it.

Finally, I was desperate enough for a post, I figured the “Milk” mess would be easy enough to clean.

right dirtyleft monitorright side monitor Yuck!!

When I started cleaning it, it smelled sweet, and it was sticky, but not moldy smelling.

Ah!   My sharp brain finally put 2 and 2 together, and made oil!     2 full bottles of it, in fact!

There’s the clean pix.

The End.


C’mon now, the rest of the story…

Oh alright.    left monitorright side monitor   is still dirty.     I only cleaned the front part of the plastic.      Why??     Because I’d need help, and more effort to finish cleaning.    I couldn’t pick up the monitor, and clean both.     Why don’t you just ask DH for help??      

Hello!    Remember who you’re talking to!     LazyPurpleSlob!   That’s who!

Oh, yeah, there’s that.

So, to end up, the plastic in front of the monitor may stay dirty for awhile….

When (IF) if gets cleaned, you’ll be the first to know!


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