Melted Melinda


Well, our air worked for 5 whole days.

The service guy couldn’t fix the leak, only recharged the freon.      But, we put in an order for a new coil, to be replaced.   Now, waiting for the part to arrive.

Another 6 days, and counting, of Dante’s 5th circle of hell.

Someone asked why didn’t we go to the pool, to cool off.

pool   Disclaimer: not our pool.     Too lazy to go over and take a pic.

#1- That would require the energy to get in the shower to get the stink off first.    Not enough energy to do that.

#2- The energy required to get into my bathing suit.   Not enough motivation.

#3- The direct sun would be even hotter!!     duh!

Will keep you updated.


  1. OH MY!! Hope you can get it fixed soon and find a cool place in the meantime.

    When we visited Pensacola Beach a few years ago, it was about 100 degrees and probably 100% humidity. You know it’s bad when the dog, who usually jumps at the chance to be outside, backed away from the door and looked at me with his “Are you serious?” look.

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