Melting Melinda

Sorry I’ve been MIA all last week.   But it was for a good reason.     Our air went out!      We spent 8 days suffering the hell fires of the damned! 

It was all I could do, to make it to the table to eat.

I laid in bed under the ceiling fan, all but moaning.      Just like the Wicked Witch of the West, I was melting!!


Except I was melting in puddles of my own sweat!      I wish I could have lost weight, from all the sweating!

DH brought me oatmeal in bed, just after dawn.    Using the micro, he didn’t have to get any hotter!  For some reason, he didn’t mind the heat as much as me.     Could it be cuz he worked outside in the heat for 50 years???       Might be.

The girls still played like they were fine.    I didn’t come out of the cave, (bedroom) until after dark.

DD1 got a stand up air unit from Sweet Friend, her dad, so she, and CC slept sweetly!!     It vented outside, but didn’t have to be installed.   

stand up airWe couldn’t buy a unit, or get ours fixed till pay day.     Oh sweet pay day!!

I never was so happy for a pay day before!    I mean, I’m always happy, of course.    But this time I was deliriously happy!

So much so, that I was very much tempted to run out, and kiss the service guy!!     

But I didn’t.


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