Computer Craash


My computer died!!     Just outta nowhere- won’t turn on!!     Sorry, I gotta go deal with this in my own way.

(After 3 days of mourning in sackcloth and ashes…)

mourning dove

mourning dove




I just don’t know what to do!    I mean how can I recover from this and go on??      When something you love just up and purges itself…… there are no words!

After I cried all my tears out, I turned to Sweet Friend.    “Can you help me??”     I sounded so pitiful, he assented.      DD1 even gave up an old tower she had laying around.     After a few mystical movements, he had that other one up and running!!

It isn’t mine, but it’ll do!!     Now I can get back online, and quit trying to blog on my phone!!

Very difficult process for me by the way!    On the keyboard I can go about 20 words a minute.    On my phone , it’s about 5 wpm!    Who wants to spend 5 hours writing 2 paragraphs???    NOT ME!!

None of my personal info, like my budget, etc, is here.    But the life’s blood of blogging, internet is!  Who cares about stupid old budgets anyway??     I can be scrolling on FB!

And thankfully I had Goggle saved all my passwords!   I only had to figure out how to log on there, then it was Easy St!     And happily DD1 is smart, and had saved my Goggle pw.    Whew!     What would I do without her, and Sweet Friend??       Always having to go to the library to use the computer is what!!     And having to come home again, unsuccessful because I forgot to take my pw notebook.     That would be a huge tragedy!

I love you DD1, and Sweet Friend!      And not just cuZ you save my binary heinie!!

(As you may notice, same ole keyboard with the messed up”Z” key.     But am I gonna complain about a tiny detail like that??     NOT on your LIFE!!


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