Holy Hospital

hospital band

Sorry for the radio silence after Mon.  I had prescheduled the Monday Memes, thankfully.

DD1 took me to the ER last Sunday night, because I thought I was having a pulmonary embolism.    Because of my chest pain, they took me in right away.

hospital band      The chest x-ray, and the Cat scan proved that to be negative.     Thank God!!

But because of the chest pain, they admitted me for a full heart work up.    Tests and more tests!!

in hospital bed

EKGs, several times, echocardiogram, and a chemical stress test, and I don’t remember what else.    Oh yeah, I wore a heart monitor the whole time.

The oxygen felt good!    And laying in the bed, with raised head sure helped my breathing!

At 1 point on Monday, I had 2 IVs, 1 in each bend of my arms!!     Not fun!

2 iv's


Thankfully, Sis and Mama came to visit bright and early.     Otherwise, how was I supposed to eat, or  do anything else, without bending either arm??

Sis & me

After Sis fed me, I kept asking her to pull up the covers, cuZ I was cold.    Then to put them down cuZ I was hot.    After about the 8th time, she finally caught on.    “You’re just doing that on purpose to see how many times I’ll do it, ain’t ya?”     ” Well”, pretending to be shamefaced, ” yeah, kinda!”    Happily for me, she saw the joke, and laughed.      Whew!

The food was good, except I was on a cardiac diet, so no salt.  Yuck!    Still good tho.    The lemon herbed chicken was so good, I had it every day, twice a day!

The only result found was a slightly enlarged heart.    Which could be just from being tall, and/or my weight.    Sigh, not able to do anything about my height, and seems like I can’t do anything about my weight either.    I know it’s not really true about my weight, but yo-yo dieting is so much worse (for me at least) than staying fat.

Wed night I escaped my captors!    And now I have a hospital bed, at home, to ease my breathing.    Yay!

Friday I went to my primary, and more blood tests- ouch!   

bandaid        Also, I’m scheduled for a cardiologist consult.  And I asked for a pulmonary consult.    She also told me to ask my pysch about taking Topamax for weight loss.     At 350, I know I gotta do something, or die.

So, that was my week.    How was yours??



  1. Oh, jeez! I have been swamped and haven’t visited your blog in a while and find this? I’m so glad you are okay. Keep us updated if all your tests come back with any concerning results, I can keep you in my prayers.

    Also, I’ve suspected my children of doing the same thing to me with their own blankets, so I can relate to your sister!

  2. Yikes! Well I hope they figure it out. If you try the Topamax…just be careful. I was prescribed it for migraines. It made my migraines go totally away and I thought it was a miracle drug. And then 2 weeks into it, it made me feel really really weird and depressed in a way I’d never experienced like life didn’t even matter anymore. And I couldn’t write at all. A 30 min. blog post would take 4+ hours or more. I forgot how to sign my name halfway through. I was excited about nothing. I have friends who take it and they are fine (if a little weird and now I know why) so everyone’s experience will be different. But I researched a little and ran across a few blogs that echoed my experience. I threw it in the trash and will never touch it again.
    Also, I think the reason it makes people lose weight is because it takes away your joy in food. Like I love food, cooking, pairing wine, different tastes…but I didn’t have any interest in tasting anything or cooking because I had no taste anymore and couldn’t even taste carbonation. No beer, champagne, soda. All tastes flat and gross. Topamax is a mood stabilizer. It takes out your lows…but it also takes out all your highs and the things you love and enjoy.

  3. OH MY! Sure hope everything is ok and it was a weird stress reaction.

    I read an article recently that basically said post-menopausal women shouldn’t try to lose weight. Something about the process is more harmful to our bodies than being heavy. The article was encouraging women to just get up and move a little more each day and work on flexibility exercises.

    Take care!

    1. Thanks, Barb. ME too!
      See, I agree we shouldn’t try to lose weight. I’ve heard it said a long time ago, that yo-yo dieting was worse than just staying fat.
      And I can attest to the truth of that!! Every time I’ve lost 60 lbs, in the last 20 yrs,3x, I’ve always regained it, plus more!
      At this point dieting, then regaining even more would break my spirit I think!!
      I also agree that I need to move more, and work on my flexibility!

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