dirty foot

Having just watched a DeSlob Student video, I was inspired to get up and DO something!     Any thing!    Looking at my desk, the closest thing to hand was a huge pile of Kleenex.   So, with motivation in my mind, and determination in my heart, (Even tho it was only a tiny bit, to be sure), I promptly got up and threw them away.

And saw a HUGE roach climbing up out of the trash can!     EEEKKKK!     YUCKKKK!!

In all the commotion of trying to kill it, (which I didn’t  <major sad face>!), I stamped the trash can on the ground.  AND O.M.Word, so many gross roaches flew out!   From the mechanism on the back.      I was stomping as fast and as furiously as I could, but couldn’t get them all.     Anybody hear “La Cucaracha” in the background??

Graphical pictorial:

dirty footguts on floor

Since the trash can was away from the wall, I looked at the horror back there.

dirty wall    Pretty bad!    NO one EVER looks back there!!    And good reason, it’s too scary!

So, mustering up yet more miniscule mounds of motivation, I swept up the monsters.

Then, the shocking part- I decided to clean the wall and baseboard!!

hand and ragclean trim    Ta DA!     Looks great!   Not clean enough to pass a white glove inspection- but clean enough to not be a Halloween decoration anymore!

Thanks, DeSlob for nudging me into motion!!


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