I’m gonna preach today.   If you don’t want to hear a sermon about purity, and preserving your virginity, see ya tomorrow.

I posted this on my FB page, last week.

As I was laying in bed, I was thinking about virginity. I gave mine away before marriage. Until that point in my life, the hardest thing I ever had to do was tell my baby sister I was no longer a virgin, when she asked on the eve of my wedding. I might as well as have stabbed her in the heart. That’s how she felt. She looked up to me, and I had gone and done a huge wrong.
Virginity is important, but also purity. Don’t let other guys maul you, and take away your innocence. (Not talking about being forced here.)
Your virginity is a HUGE important, powerful gift to your husband. You waited just for him!
Also, in God’s design for marriage, the blood of the act creates a blood covenant, that can’t be broken. You are 1 flesh, and can’t be torn apart without much damage.
If you’re not a virgin at marriage, there is a hole missing in your soul, that cannot be filled, because you gave that part away. You ask forgiveness, and God does. But the consequences of that hole are still there.
I did it so wrong, and suffered for it, so did my husband.
Please girls/women hold on to your virginity!! It’s not a burden, it’s truly a sacred gift.


  1. Well Melinda I can tell you it worked the whole other way for me – I held onto my virginity for dear life as my mother told me the man who will wait is the right man for you. That marriage was disastrous – we weren’t compatible at all and I was divorced by age 21 and completely disillusioned. I agree that sex should not be cheapened though – not sure what the answer is🤔

    1. Thanks for the comment, Gilly. I’m so sorry your first marriage didn’t work out. That’s always painful.
      Holding on, but not just marrying in a hurry. I’ve done that twice now. 🙁

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