Vocal Vax

Nope, didn’t get a shot in my vocal cords! About 3 feet lower!

Last Saturday we took girls to pool. Afterwards I got a sore throat and PP started coughing.  By Wed she was fine. But Tuesday I was so sick I had to call my Dr. She prescribed over the phone. Thank God! Cuz the last thing ya wanna do is get 👗 and drag yourself to the Dr!  Amiright??

By Thursday my throat was much improved.  But my breathing was so bad again, I was ready for the ER again   But DD1 wisely took me to my Dr.  After a breathing treatment I felt a little better.  But boy howdy, that shot in the butt really did the job! It was steroids.

So I was sent home with Albuterol pustules , uh nope! Capsules! Lol sorry!

Also she review ed my x-ray from Last Thursday, and said my lungs were fine. Thank You, Jesus!  But the trouble is the constriction caused by guess what??  That’s right, my weight.  🙁

Wonder what next week holds??

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