Burnt Beans


All I can say is, “Thank God for whoever invented nonstick pots!!    And God bless ’em!!”

DD1 and I both made cooking gaffes this week.

She put some beans on to cook, then left.    She said, “Watch the beans so they don’t burn.  And please wash out the rice cooker, so I can make some rice to go with.”     Well, I’m sure you can already imagine what happened.     I only heard,Please wash out the rice pot, so we can have rice with.”

So, when she got home, the beans were a blackened burnt mess.    CuZ after I washed the rice pot, I took a nap.   What??     Washing dishes is hard work!!    Yeah, even if it’s only 1.   And, no I didn’t take pix.   I just scraped it out, and threw it in the sink to soak.    Overnight.   Even tho it didn’t need it, that’s what you always do with burnt beans.

So, this morning after the girls go to church with Pop, DD1 and I had our breakfast of croissants, In Peace And Quiet!!

Then, I knew I had to suck it up and do the dishes.    Which I did.    But it took 2 drainersful before I was ready to tackle the mess.

And, oh yeah, I forgot the other mess.    The one that DD1 made.     She was making mac and cheese for the girls.    Sat down at her computer, and escaped this mortal plain.     When the girls warned her something was burning, it was too late to salvage it.     Cereal for lunch again, girls!

So, after I did the 2 drainersful of regular dishes, and rested in between of course, now I had to tackle the big boys.    Which I did.     Which led me to the exclamation I started with.    ” God, thank You for causing those people to invent that stuff!”    Whatever it is now.    Teflon was bad, right?    Now it’s something else??

Anyway, now I sit here eating my well deserved lunch of fresh blackberries, from right here in town.    Yay, Plant City berries!!     Black or red, or blue!


Now, what else can I find to eat?      C’mon, you know a little ole bowl of berries ain’t gonna fill me up!


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