Christmas Crunch


Growing up, Bubba always loved to eat cold cereal.     But it was a rare treat, since Mama almost always cooked hot breakfast.     Oh, those wonderful biscuits!!    Coincidentally, she is known as the best biscuit baker in the family- both sides!!     And for good reason!    Usually we got cold cereal only on Saturdays, so we could watch cartoons, and let her sleep late!

And besides, he always said, “I’m never gonna grow up.”

So, for a joke, different times over the years, I’d buy him a box of cereal.   

I went to the store Friday.    When I got to the cereal aisle, what did my little eyes spy??


What could be more perfect??     His birthday is Dec. 20th, and poor guy’s birthday, is kinda always skipped over.    (His being Bubba’s, no the Cap’n’s!)

It was 2/$4!!      How could only get one??     I didn’t.      I got the required 2.

So, now gotta figure how to get it to him.     He lives in Apollo Beach, so I think postage will be the cheapest way!

Happy Upcoming Early Birthday, Bubba!



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