Game Giveaway!


My blogging friend. Jenny Evans, from Unremarkable Files, contacted me about a terrific giveaway she’s hosting.   She asked if I’d help promote it.    Well, of course!      Free is for me!

Go check this post: Stella Nova.


She’s giving away one of the games!!

It’s a Biblically based game, about the Wise Men racing to Bethlehem, to see the Christ Child.

They played it with almost the whole family.    Their 5 yo “helped” by rolling the die.      Their 8 yo, and even their teens enjoyed it!

The 2 categories are geography, and Bible trivia.    They allowed the younger ones to look up the Bible questions.     What a great way to get your kids involved in reading the Bible, in a fun way! 

I’m writing this on Thursday, and I already went and entered.     C’mon, you do it too!       The more the merrier!

Another thing to be thankful for!


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