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green hand

Ok, so after my hospital stay, I had to follow up with my cardiologist.

She didn’t like the fact that 2 different Dr.s read my chemical stress test, and disagreed on the results.    So, she scheduled a heart cath.     Who boy!!      Another test!!    This one a bit scarier, since they thread a wire to my heart, from my wrist, and shoot in dye.

(I typed that “die” first time!    lol  Oops!    Good thing I proof read!)

First I had to go the day before, and get MORE blood tests.    GeeZ, how many vampires ARE there around here??!!

    OOps!   They took out Too Much blood this time!     Bwahahahaha

They used green steriliZing soap now, instead of the old orange/brown stuff.

green hand

Can you still see it??    For Halloween, I joked that I could go as half-Hulk, caught in mid transformation!

Everyone was great.    One of the nurses was a Christian, and he said he prays for all his patients.     That was wonderful to hear!

I asked to see the procedure, on the monitor, as it was going.  They said “Sure!”     Then, as they started, the machine came around in front of my face so close, I thought it was gonna clip my nose!      Needless to say, didn’t get to even glimpse anything!

Afterwards, tho, I got to view the video, on a computer.

So cool to see my heart beating away, and the dye squirting out, highlighting all my arteries.

AND!  To hear that nothing was wrong!!      Whew!!      I was thanking God for the rest of the day!

They told me to be careful of my wrist for 2 days, cuZ if I put stress on it, or anything, it could start bleeding again.    Say WHAT??

So, I asked for this:

wrist board

That kept me from using it all rightey!

So, now I know without a doubt that my heart is all good.    Next thing is, where are all these breathing problems coming from??      My lungs, obviously!!  

Maybe it’s just my asthma kicking up really hard??

I follow up with the cardiologist next week, and then my primary the same day.     Will keep you in the loop!!



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