Hilarious Happenings

I love to shop, sometimes!     Especially when I see funny things.   I can capture them with my phone, and not have to bring them home!     Yay for minimalism!

Would you wear these hats??

    This way, the only room taken up is a digital file, not a bunch of clutter I just have to purge later.     Love it!

This things are not funny, but I love them, and wish I had the budget to buy them.

    This one is a Scripture too.    Jesus said it in His Lord’s prayer.

“Give us this day our daily bread.”

I really love Scripture plaques.   None of these remaining ones are, though.

     Yay!  I finally got one to crop!!    Whooop, whoop!

   This one is for my friend Kristen, from Road to Domestication.

That girl loves any and all things pumpkin!

       This one’s a T-shirt.   Fun stuff!

Now you see what I do on my shopping trips!!      Happy Fall y’all!!

And it’s even been cold the last 2 days, as I write this!    I’m wearing my shoes, in the house!!     And a sweatshirt.     Now you know it’s cold!       55 degrees!     

Now I gotta go buy us all parkas, snow boots, mittens, and ski masks!



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