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other view

Hi, today we’re going back to the Future!!    Waaay back, to when we moved into Playful here.


Lol!  I thought it was funny, anyway!

Ok, down to the serious business, of letting ya know how it was, way back at the end of April, 2019.

For 2 days after we moved in, this was our kitchen:

washerother view

From the front,                                    from the back.

Doesn’t everyone have a washer just hanging out in the kitchen, not hooked up??

They tried hooking it up, DH and SF, and it leaked.    So they had to move it into the kitchen, from the alcove, to investigate.    And it took 2 whole days to find the cause, and fix it. TWO whole days!!   Good thing we weren’t doing much cooking!    Take out piZZa it was!

After that, it looks like this:

washer now

All tucked into its own little laundry alcove.    Where it belongs, with it’s dryer sister.

PS: Sorry I was missing the after pix!   All better now!



  1. you joke about having your washer in the kitchen, but our first place after getting married didn’t have a laundry room. After having someone go through my clothes at the laundromat WHILE I WAS FOLDING our clothes, we bought a washing machine. The only place to put it was where the frig sat next to the sink. The only place for the frig was the living room. We lived like that for 1 1/2 years!

    Thank you for sparking a “wonderful” memory!

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