Angled Angel

I used to have a set of angel shelf sitters, for stocking hangers.

Notice I said “used to”.

This is the only one I had left, when I unpacked Christmas this year.

  Isn’t she cute??

But broken.      🙁She can still shelf sit okay.    It’s just the hanger part she’s lacking.    So, useless for her purpose.

Time to purge her.  So long  sweetie!

One more X on my chart.   Time to go shopping for new stocking holders!     But not till Jan. clearance sales!!    Meantime, nails will do.



  1. Aww, so sad. She’s cute! I was hoping you were going to say you repurposed her somehow as a new… something. But it’s better to get rid of items that don’t work and you can’t use than to keep them around for someday when you can. Good work!

    1. I know!! I was very sad! But, she hadta go. I’d never be able to fix her, even tho the girls found her hanger and brought it to me. Trust me, the thought did run thru my mind, “Well, I’ll just keep the pieces and I’ll fix her! I will!” But I really wouldn’t have, And it would one more thing guilting me from the back of my mind. Too many of those already! Don’t need another! Hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas, Jenny!

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