Best Bingo

Emily Rooney, from Happy OrganiZed Life, has a decluttering group on FB.     And she decided to make a game out of Decluttering.    Thereby Decluttering Bingo was born.

I never got to play, aww poor Rudolph!  because I didn’t have a printer.     Then one day I asked DD1 to print me something else.   She said “Sure.”     Then I realiZed she could print the Bingo card for me!    Aha!

The first copy printed out the flowers in gorgeous color, but blank after.     major sad face       The second copy, same thing.     Then she got smart, and set it to b/w for the 3rd copy.     Lo, and behold!      It printed the whole card!!     I guess printers like computers can PMS too.     (At least mine do.     And since she was printing for me, it made sense.)

I already recycled the pretty flowers papers.    Should have used them to decorate something.     Hey!    The purpose is to declutter, not add to the pile of “someday” projects!      Just sayin’.    Well stop!!    How am I supposed to get stuff done, if you fight myself all the time??

Here are close ups of the squares I got done.     This card was published about 3 weeks ago, whatever!    At least I’m getting stuff finished, right??    That’s the whole object, right?     Alright!

    Discarding pumpkins was funny.     It was half way thru November, and we still had 3 of them rotting around!!     I needed that little reminder I guess!     The house sure smelled better after they were gone!      Wonder why??

I wonder how long it’s gonna take me to get to a Bingo??    I do have 3 in a row already.     Woo hoo!  Go me!    I’ll report back when I get it done.    Or don’t as the case may be.

Happy Decluttering!

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