Carrie Cares

I have a wonderful bloggy friend, who is a good friend now.   ( I love when bloggy friends become closely connected!!)

Her name is Carrie Groneman, from A Mother’s Shadow.   If you’ve never heard of her, please go visit, and tell her I sent you!!     Her site is for Mamas and Grandmas mostly.    But Dads and Grandpas can learn a lot too!

She focuses on helping us become better parents/grandparents.

She also has a section called, “The Lost Arts” that I love too.    Things are mostly forgotten, that our ancestors (not so far back either!) used to do.      Check it out!

She has seasonal ideas, information, crafts, recipes, all kinds of stuff.

Right now she’s doing star ornaments that have a service action, for each day of the month.    I love them!!     Trying to get them printed out, for the girls and I to do!

Ok, anyway, now that you know a little about her, I’ll tell you what she did for me, last week.

She sent me this:

    It’s so pretty!    It’s wrapped in white issue paper, then tied with a netting bow.     I didn’t want to open it, just gaZe at it for a few days!     But then you know my curiosity got the better of me!    I HAD to open it!

Wait, there’s a card! 

     And it’s handmade.    She does all her stuff handmade.     Isn’t that great!     It makes everything doubly special to know that she made it just for me!

After the card, next thing I see is white crochet.   

Pretty!!     And the other end is purple!!    She does love me, and knows what I like!!

Let’s see what’s under the crochet??

Wow!  That is stunning!!     A purple hand towel, embroidered!!

And the white crochet has a white heart button to keep it closed!     Now my hand towel in my bathroom won’t end up on the floor anymore when the girls use it!

Carrie, my heart is full!!     Thank you soooo much!!

You are a wonderful friend!!

(She sent this in appreciation for my friendship.   I was blown away.)

I appreciate you too, Carrie!     Even more amaZing, she sent one to my sister too!!    My sister was even more stunned, since she didn’t even know Carrie at all!!     What other bloggy friend do you know that is this sweet??

(Right here I need to sent a shout out to Claremary, my bloggy friend from Around ZuZu’s Barn.   She sends me a beautiful Jackie Lawson card every holiday.     Thank you Ethel!   Her pet name, mine is Lucy, since we are cards like Lucy, and Ethel .)

Here it is, in pride of place, in my bathroom.

      Every time I see it, I think of you, Carrie.    And thank God that we met, and are friends!

Now, I need to start praying for you every time I see it!

I love you, my sweet friend!

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  1. Oh my friend!!! What a sweet, wonderful kind thing you have done here. I am so blessed to have YOU as an example and comfort through the thick and difficult times. I can’t thank you enough for your little notes to reach out to me and others. When I was wondering if what I did made any difference for good at all – you and your sister read about a project I had on my blog to help others in need and went to work! I had to get these towels made for the two of you because your homes must be full of love to do such service for others and to care about all those around you. THANK YOU!!!

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