Fluffy Flakes

We had a blizzard at our house!!     Did you get any, Dolly?? 

Probably no one else did either, since it was inside our house!!    I’m guessing the girls wanted a White Christmas!!     I really would like to punch out the lights of whoever introduced them to that song!    If it was you, you better run and hide!

Let me show you:

Need I show more?

How did they get ahold of that much styrofoam you may ask?     Well, Mommy received 2 glass solar peacocks for her garden.   

As you may know, packages that are fragile come in a metric ton of styrofoam packaging.

And their diabolical little minds thought, “Hmmm, how can we best drive Omie and Mommy stark raving bonkers with this??”

Maybe I’m not giving them enough credit.     Maybe it was all a gigantic physics experiment to see how tiny an atom of styrofoam is??    If that was it, they gave it the old college try!

It is 2 weeks later, and bits are strewn all the way down both halls, into both bathrooms, and all 3 bedrooms.     And yes, we have been frantically sweeping!!

First, the fan is on, and blowing them out of the dust pan.     Second, the girls are sweeping, and they aren’t quite coordinated enough to get it all into the trash can, and it blows right back onto the floor.     Third, the devil hates me, and enjoys taunting me.

After the first bits blew back away, we turned off the fan.    After watching the girls struggle, I offered to sweep for them.    The devil is still taunting me.

I count things I purge, on my chart, from NourishingMinimalism.com.     Thank you Rachel!

Right now, I am up to 1000 bajillion xs on my chart.    And 1000 bajillion to go.     Thank you girls!    (Insert sarcasm font here.)


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