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We had our little family on Thanksgiving.

Then, on the Saturday after, we had our big family Thanksgiving.      My Mama, Bubba, and one of his kids, and her kids.    Orion is only 3 months old, so we were all fighting to hold him!     (And sniff his head, in my case!)   Sis Michelle, and her 3 kids.    PP, CC, and me.

We had a real turkey!!      A breast would NOT have been big enough!    Real mashed potatoes, cheesy potatoes, mac and cheese, And about 4 kinds of pie.    My kinda party!!     After the pie, I can’t even remember what else we ate!     Oh, except I brought 5 packs of Hawaiian rolls, and 2 kinds of tea.    I was a little concerned that 5 packs wouldn’t be enough!    Our family loves them!   There were only 13 of us, so that explains it I guess.    But there were 2 and half packs left.     Whew!!     I never want to be without enough of something!


After we ate, Sis assigned a number to how many things we were grateful for.    #5.

The best answer was my 4 yo grand nephew.  He counted on his fingers, ” Presents, presents, presents, presents, presents!”

We all had a good laugh at that!

Just sitting around Sis’ house, enjoying family, and talking was so much fun.   And I’m grateful for each and everyone of them.

In a little while, I said, “Where are we having Christmas?”     We all looked at Sis.    She stuttered, “Uh, I guess here.”      I said, “This is like the army, girl.    When asked for volunteers, you didn’t take a step back like we all did!”    She doesn’t mind, really.     She has a huge house, and loves being party central.

All in all, a wonderful day.



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