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Remember when I promoted Jenny Evans’ from Unremarkable Files giveaway of the new Christian game, Stella Nova?      No??    Here’s the post to remind you.  Giveaway

Anyways, since I entered the contest, and commented on their FB page, @StellaNovaGame, and went to their website, StellaNovagame the creator, Christian Haven reached out to me!     I was shocked!!      Never has a company reached out to me before!!       I was thrilled!      A company, with a real product they were selling, reached out to me!!     ( I know, I already told you that in Stella Star.     But I’m still in thrill shock!)

Here’s my review.    (Full disclosure: Christian gave me a free game!!!!!!  in exchange for a honest review.   All opinions are my own.    I don’t remember all the legalese I’m supposed to say after that, but he didn’t pay me.)

I was already blown away by the beauty of their cover art.    Seriously, you could frame it!     (I know, I already told you that too.   But some things are worth repeating!!)

Okay, so I took it to my family Christmas party, at sis Michelle’s, on Christmas Day.    What could be more perfect, right?     A game about going to see the Christ Child, on His birthday!

All the family were enthusiastic about playing it!    After dinner, I took it out.    I gave my brother the instructions to read aloud.    (Christian warned me to read them before hand, and did I listen??    Of course not!     Why would you?    You;re a rule rebel, that’s why.

Bubba was acting silly, and only got thru the letter at the very first part of the instructions.     Then suddenly, turkey’s tryptophan kicked in, and he almost went to sleep.    (He was just pretending, he’s a goof like that!!    I guess I didn’t explain that I really needed him to be serious and play, cuZ I had to write a review!)


The enthusiasm dwindled quickly after that.   Who wants to play when the leader is snoring?

Because the kids, (3,4, and 6) had been demanding to play since we arrived, nearly an hour ago, we gave it to them to play, along with cousin Kristen,    (She was in charge to make sure they didn’t tear it apart!!)

Christian had told me that it was okay for littles to play.    At a party, I think he said it was the launch, he saw a toddler playing it, just rolling the die, and moving the camels.    Baby didn’t even know how to count!     Just moved the markers anyway they felt.

So I knew it’d be okay.

Here are the components of the game:

I was really surprised by the siZe of the board!     It has 6 folding panels.

The detail, Biblical and historical accuracy are amaZing!

The kids had a blast!     As far as they knew, they were just racing camels across the desert.     They didn’t follow any of the directions, of course.    But they were excited to be playing a grown up game!

The markers    I mean, player pieces.     You know which one I wanted, don’t you??  lol

The game is complex enough to hold smart alex’s attention, not naming any names!   But simple enough so that kids can play.     Well, kids a trifle older than 3 & 4!   To play it correctly I mean!

It’s the perfect balance of complexity, and simplicity.    Also, plenty of strategy in there too!     You’re competing to see who will make the right decisions of what, and how much to carry – food and water supplies.    Then which route you will take.    Of course, there are obstacles all along the way.

There are 2 kinds of cards.

Red:        These are historical, Biblical, and geography questions.    The first one I picked up: “Did King Herod kill his family members?”     Had me scrambling in my memory banks.     Hmm, did he??     Not gonna tell you the answer!      But there is an answer sheet, of course.     Not gonna show you that.   Then you might be tempted to cheat, when you go to play!    😉

Blue: These are the ones that give you tools, or supplies for the journey.      The first I picked up was a compass.  







Here are the credits:

I should have asked Christian who Dallen is.    Maybe a son?   Brother?   Nephew?

He’s gonna read this, so I’ll ask him when he tells me if he liked this review or not.    (Not that I’m gonna change it at all.    I’ll just know whether or not he likes it.)

My conclusion:  You want to play this game!!      Go up there to the black menu box, and grab you one!!    (For a discounted price even!)    I promise you will enjoy it.     And it doesn’t even have to be on Christmas Day!     But just make sure you read the instructions prior!!      DO NOT give them to Bubba to read!    (You’re welcome.)

Let me know what you think.   And who won!

(AFTER I read the instructions, and know how to play properly, I’m gonna make sure to really play it.    Not sure if I’m gonna let Bubba play or not.    He really was naughty to play that sleeping trick.    Then I’ll write another post, for an even better review!)

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