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Remember I told you about the new game, Stella Nova??     In Game Giveaway, I talked about the giveaway Jenny Evans was having.   Sorry, Amanda already won that.


But you can still grab a great discount on one of your very own!!     Go to the black menu bar, on this page, and grab your discount!     Terrific Christmas present for a kid, or a whole family present!

During her giveaway, one of the entries was to like Stella Nova on FB.     which I did.

Imagine my shock when Christian Haven, the creator of the new Christmas game, Stella Nova, contacted me to see if I’d be interested in offering a discount code to my readers!!     

Would I??     Of course!!     I’m so excited!!     This is the first sponsor to ever reach out to me, to advertise their product!!

And a game that teaches about Jesus, is the best kind of game I could imagine!     I want one of my very own!!

The one category is geography, the other is Bible trivia.    Even tho there is nothing trivial about the Bible.      Every word is true, inerrant,and inspired by God.

Christian designed the game, and had it printed in the US  (YAY!!   Buy American!) of quality materials.     The cardboard is thicker than normal, and all the cards are glossy coated to protect them.

The box top is so beautiful, you could frame it as art!!

And all the geography is Biblical accurate, to those times.    Cool!

So go grab one before they’re all sold out!      Then you’d have to wait till they printed more!!     Only 15 more days till Christmas!

*Shout out to DD1 for helping me install the discount button!*

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