Stellar Stockings

I made these stockings 21 years ago!!      I can’t believe they’re still in good shape!    I don’t have much else left from that long ago!

Mine. Cap’n Kim’s.

I also have 1 for DD1, but can’t find it now.    Isn’t that the way!

But, instead of enjoying them, every year I obsess about the mistake of their names written in red felt pen.     They are beautiful!!    So I made a little mistake.    I learned, and never did that again.    This year I’m working on purging negative thoughts that holding me hostage, and making me miserable.    Should I purge the stockings to get rid of those thoughts??   No, I enjoyed making them.   And the girls loved them.    After 21 years, it’s time to purge the negative self talk!!

I made these this year.

   First one is PP’s.    That’s the one she asked for!    2nd is Pop’s.    I know it’s hanging awkwardly, but, it is what it is.

My niece Karen, her bf Donald, big brother Noah, and baby Orion.

Mommy:            Daddy:

Big Brother Noah:        Baby Orion:

I love the way I coordinated them, but each one is different.        Well, of course you do!        You made them!

My nephew Nick’s.   

His favorite colors are green, purple, and black.     I remember the year he painted his room these colors, in Zig Zag stripes!

Forgot to take a pic of Jaime’s, Bubba’s and Sis Shirley’s.      Whoops!

Jaime’s is the same material as CC’s.           Yes, she wanted orange and her sister said she loves Halloween!       When CC saw me making that one, she said she wanted the same kind!

CC’s.    Trust me, its shaped normally.    I just didn’t photograph it right.

Niece Kristen’s. The material is a nativity print.     And I cut the stocking upside down!       Oh well, if anyone expects me to be perfect, they’ve not been paying attention!!

I did the star for 2 reasons.        #1 The star of Bethlehem, since it’s a Nativity print.       #2, I gave her a star ornament that I had made years ago, and wrote, “You are a star!”   on the tag.      she has been babysitting some for us.    And it’s wonderful!!       the girls love her, and mind her sooo well.      And she enjoys them.      Bonus- we pay her!   lol    The girls get 8 straight hours of constant attention.    They make crafts, and cookies.      DD1 and I get a time out!!

Last, but certainly not least, Sis Michelle.     Y’all know her fave color too!      Especially if you read the series on her bd party, back in August.

Balloon       Bedtime     Guests       Meanie

But I can’t show it till after, cuZ she reads this blog!!       And I’ll make sure to get pix of Jaime’s, Bubba’s, and Sis Shirley’s tomorrow at family Christmas!      And update ya later.

Merry Christmas!!     And a good night to all!

Grandmama still loves her giraffe one- no replacing that!

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