That Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving was such a good day!        We were very thankful!       We invited Mama over.    I am so thankful to God that she is still alive, and healthy.

DD1 cooked a terrific meal, with 6 items on the table, plus pie!

Turkey breast, mashed potato, Instant- but who cares???, gravy, Stove top stuffing, cranberry sauce- has to be canned! lol, and yams. We didn’t have any brown sugar, so I didn’t eat as much of those as normal.

The pie was a new recipe, that she cooked up.   Ha- see what I did there??    She didn’t know what to name it.     So I said pumpkin chiffon icebox pie, since it was whipped up so light.    Now, at first I was dismayed when she said it was pumpkin.    I do not prefer pumpkin.  Just a polite way to say I hate pumpkin pie.     But, I had to at least taste it, in order to not hurt her feelings.     It was so good, we 4 girls ate the first pie all by ourselves!      Good thing she’d had the foresight to make 2!


After we ate, we went around the table, and said what we were thankful for.     PP said family, among other things.    I can’t remember what CC, or anyone else said.    Not even me!

But I am thankful for Jesus, salvation, my family, my house, and A/C!!

DD1 was so happy we received it with so many compliments.

I didn’t even mind doing the dishes! -the next day- but who’s counting??    It helped tremendously that we used paper plates!

All I managed to get pix of was the pie.     Only because some was left over the next day!       While we were feasting, no thoughts of pix even crossed my mind!

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