Treats & Trees


Here it is only Nov. 29, but I can’t help it, I HAD to have the tree up today!!    As soon as we got home from Sis’, I started bugging DH.   “Please get the tree out of the shed.”     He wasn’t thrilled.    He thinks it’s too early to put it up.     But, as per usual, I prevailed.

PP put it up!!     She did it last year too!      It’s in 2 pieces, so fairly easy.    Then, add more branches to the bottom, the ones that came out over the years.      She did a superb job.

Then, Dh added lights, supervised by the girls.     Then the best part- decorating!!

They did a wonderful job there too.    No one else can even get to the ornaments, to try to put any on!    They did consent to letting me put on the hooks.    Mostly because they couldn’t get them untangled!   lol

Who cares that there are 6 ornaments in a tight bunch on 1 spot??    Not I!!     As long as the branch is strong enuff to hold ’em!     Since they are mostly all plastic (learned that lesson well last year, when we broke nearly all the glass one.    The few survivors stayed in the box this time!)


The star is having a fainting episode, but we don’t care.    It’s up there!     (Sorry for the hairy knee.    PopPop didn’t know I was taking a pic.)

You can’t see all the beautimousness, from this pic, but oh well, trust me, it’s gorgeous!

So we sat just gaZing at the beauty.

Of course, listening to Christmas carols!

No cookies, cuZ the ones we made last time lasted only long enough to cool off!     Barely, before they were all eaten gobbled up, like we hadn’t seen food in weeks.


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