Bits and Bobs

Oh, y’all, I am just seething!

When I got up this morning, the living room looked like this:

I had just swept it a few days ago.     And DD1 swept it after me.       I know in child toy dispersal  years, that’s like 2 years, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised.

My desk, and under looked almost the same, except I was so mad, I cleaned it up before I thought to stop and take a pix.

I have already swept up, and trashed 38 bits of their toys.    And as soon as I catch my breath, lots more will be in their company.

DD1 and I are SO SICK (and tired) of telling them to pick up their toys.    So now, there will be about 100 less to pick up.     I ain’t playing.

Before Christmas, they already had approximately 200 toys, counting all the bits and bobs.       I love that expression!    I heard it from one of my British FB friends.

And all PP asked for for Christmas was 10 LOLs.     Oh my, did she get them!      Pop gave them some.     Santa (who doesn’t come here, but does to other grandmother) gave them some.     My sister Michelle, (the traitor), gave them some!     Then my niece, Kristen came over to babysit Friday, and gave them more that hadn’t arrived before Christmas!

So, approximately 5 bajillion new toy pieces entered this house in the last 2 weeks.

My head is about to explode!     So, for me, all these pieces leaving this morning is good!        It just might save my life!

They are at church with Pop, so as long as I tie off the bag, and put it in the bin, none the wiser, plus nothing they can do about it then.     (Well, I put it just outside the door, in the porch.   It’s cold today!)  Truthfully, I don’t even think they will notice specifically, just that the floor is clean.  How can they have memoriZed them all already??

We’ll see.    I’ll report their reaction.     Or might not have to, if you hear them screaming that loudly!

Now, doesn’t this look better?          I certainly feel much better!!

150 more checks on my chart!    A Total of  _188___   just this morning!

My January calendar is looking good!



  1. I hate toys with a million tiny pieces. I avoid bringing them into the house, and if it can’t be avoided I just wait and watch until they stop playing with them so much and then I get rid of them (and they don’t even notice.) I have found that if my kids have too many things, it’s always a mess. Not because they’re playing with them all, but because they have to dump it all out in order to GET TO the thing they want to play with! Good luck…

    1. IKR?? Next year EVERYONE is banned from buying presents! Lol, don’t I wish! I do the same thing. If it’s on the floor, and they’ve ignored it a few days, bye!! And generally it’s not even mourned. YAY!! Especially all those blasted miniature, so small I can barely see them LOL doll shoes, and accessories. Curses on whoever invented those things!

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