Chipper Chart

Not doing well on my room hasn’t stopped me from working on other areas!  Jan. 1-5, I decluttered 260 items!!   Mainly from the girls’ stuff in the living room!!

Then today, Wed. 29th, I got rid of 202 pix, from my phone!!

How’d I manage that??    Yeah!  How??      Well, when I woke up, and took PP to school, I thought I was almost late for my Dr appt, cuZ I arrived at 8:31.     Trick’s on me!     My appt was for 9:30!      lol

So, I had a nice hour to cool my heels.     The lady beside me and I talked for a while, then she got on her phone.    I did too, and decided to look over my stockpile??    Oh, archive??

Anyway, I just kept hitting “Delete.”     About 100 down, they called my name.       Then, of course, always have to wait in the room for the Dr.     50 more down.

After the Dr. came in and worked on my toes, I told her I stepped on a binder clip, which lost its life in the fierce battle.     Since it was a puncture wound, she had it X-rayed, just to make sure there was no shrapnel left behind.      Whew!     All clear.     Then the $64,000 question- when was my last tetnus shot??    Ummmm, I think it was before those were invented.    Not in my living memory, anyways.     So, I got jabbed in the arm.      She said, “Later it will feel like you got punched in the arm, don’t worry.  That’s normal.”         Groan!!       I always hurt anyway!!     No further help from the Dr. had been needed, thanks!

While waiting for the X-rays to be read, another 50 pix bit the dust.     I couldn’t wait to get back home, and mark all those lovely boxes!!

But, first I had to take Mama to her new Dr.     Then rush to pick up PP from school.      Grandmama was a sight for sore eyes!     PP hadn’t seen her since Monday!!    lol

Anyway, PP was treated to a snow cone, and I got to sit in the car and rest for a few minutes, from all the rushing.      CC got one too.     But it sure was hard to keep PP from eating that one too!

But we managed.

Here’s my gorgeously all marked up chart.

Up to 505 already!!     I’ve got this, this year!!

I know- why did I start out with black??     Death to ALL the things!!


    1. Thanks, Barb. I really needed that tetnus anyway! lol I feel so accomplished with 500 items already! In the last 2 years, I haven’t finished a chart yet. This year’s the year!!

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